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Our Story

Founded by dynamic duo John Elvis and Erik, Silver Bandits is at the forefront of changing how Austin is entertained, one machine at a time.

Our mission? To ensure every establishment can offer a seamless and enjoyable vending experience to its customers.


Clawesome Fun!


Try Your Luck at Winning Prizes with Our Crane Machines.

Automatic Smart Vending Machines


This category features our revolutionary line of smart vending machines, designed to provide a modern and effortless vending experience.

Why choose when you can have both!

Heated and Cooled

Hot or Cold, Grab & Go:  Enjoy fresh meals and snacks anytime with our heating & cooling vending machines.

Machines to protect your valuables.

Automated Lockers

More Than Just Drinks! Securely dispense a wider range of products.

Tried and Tested Classics


This innovative machine dispenses a wide variety of products, from snacks and drinks to premium items, all delivered gently with a lift system.

Fit them anywhere


Big Snacks, Small Footprint. These compact vending machines offer convenient access to your favorite treats without taking up a lot of space.


Dual Cabinet Snack and Beverage Vending Machine (21.5 Inches, Room A + Room B)

$ 2,300.00 USD

Welcome to our innovative vending machine, designed to cater to your snacking and beverage needs with two separate compartments. With a capacity to store 600-1000 commodities, you'll never run out of options. Our machine undergoes rigorous testing, including laser testing, to ensure flawless delivery every time.

Payment Options:

Payment options abound with standard choices like WeChat, Alipay, Cloud Payment, Cash, and IPLAY Balance Payment. Additionally, you can enhance your vending experience with optional payment systems including cash acceptor, coin acceptor, coin change machine, and card acceptor.


Crafted with Gb custom sheet metal processing, our vending machine stands durable and corrosion-resistant. The airframe is fortified with double-coated glass and explosion-proof toughened glass, ensuring safety and longevity.

Spacious Interior:

The spacious interior features six floors with 60 units each, offering ample storage for your favorite snacks and beverages. Moreover, the unique networking module allows seamless connectivity via various networks, enabling multimedia advertising tailored to your preferences. Take advantage of this cutting-edge technology to set play times or modify advertisement content effortlessly.


Dual Cabinet Snack and Beverage Vending Machine (21.5 Inches, RefriA + RefriB)

$ 4,000.00 USD

Product Introduction and Function

  • Commodity Reserves: This vending machine can stock between 600 to 1000 commodities.
  • Delivery Testing: Rigorous laser testing ensures precise and reliable delivery of items.
  • Payment Options:
    • Standard: Accepts payments via WeChat, Alipay, Cloud Payment, Cash, and IPLAY Balance Payment.
    • Optional: Additional payment options include Cash acceptor, Coin acceptor, Coin change machine, and Card acceptor.
  • Backend System: Includes a GPRS background management system for efficient operation and management. The first year of service is complimentary.

Product Description

Crafted with precision using Gb custom sheet metal processing, this vending machine is built to last. Its cabinet features a refrigerator foam chassis, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, and excellent insulation to maintain optimal temperature conditions for stored items.

Equipped with an imported compressor, the machine ensures efficient cooling without compromising energy efficiency. The airframe boasts double-coated glass and explosion-proof toughened glass for safety and aesthetic appeal. With a double hollow and electric mist glass design, the vending machine offers enhanced visibility and visual appeal.

Featuring a super capacity aisle with 6 levels, capable of holding 120 units each, totaling 600 units for goods. The storage space is customizable, allowing for modifications to the aisle and additional storage options to accommodate varying product sizes.

With a unique networking module, the vending machine can connect to any network, including 4G mobile, wireless WIFI, hotspots, and cable broadband. This connectivity enables multimedia advertising, allowing you to schedule play times or modify advertisement content as needed.


21.5inches Double Cabinet Snack and Beverage Vending Machine(RefriA+RoomB)

$ 2,600.00 USD

This vending machine offers:

• Commodity reserves for 600-1000 items

• Laser testing for accurate product delivery

The payment system includes:

• Standard options:

   - WeChat

   - Alipay

   - Cloud Payment

   - Cash

   - IPLAY Balance Payment

• Optional additions:

   - Cash acceptors

   - Coin acceptors

   - Coin change machines

   - Card acceptors

• GPRS background management system (included for the first year)

The vending machine features:

• Custom sheet metal processing for a durable and corrosion-resistant cabinet

• Refrigerator foam chassis for optimal sealing and temperature control

• Imported compressor

• Double-coated, explosion-proof toughened glass doors with an electric mist design

• Super capacity with 6 aisles accommodating 120-600 units, plus additional storage space

   - Aisles can be modified

   - More aisles can be added as needed

• Unique networking module enabling connectivity through:

   - 4G mobile

   - Wi-Fi

   - Broadband

• Multimedia advertising with on-demand content updates for a dynamic experience


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From cutting-edge gym equipment to spacious workout areas, our facility is thoughtfully crafted to cater to a diverse range of fitness enthusiasts.

Whether you're into intense cardiovascular trainin, or mindful yoga sessions, we provide the perfect space for your fitness journey.


What our customers say

Silver Bandits’ machines are top-notch and offered at unbeatable prices. Their customer service is outstanding, with the team going above and beyond to resolve any questions or issues quickly. I’m definitely planning to buy more machines from them moving forward.

Jordan K.

Knowing I can call Silver Bandits for support with my machine gives me peace of mind. The vibrant decals on my machine are a real crowd-pleaser too. For my next vending machine purchase, I'll certainly be turning to Silver Bandits again.

Melissa H.

Silver Bandits' vending machines consistently impress with their excellent condition, making them a top recommendation for anyone looking to start or enhance their vending business. Their pricing is unbeatable, offering the best value for such high-quality equipment.

Casey F.

The silver bandit leadership

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What types of machines do you offer?

We offer a wide range of vending machines, including snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, combination vending machines, and specialized machines for various industries such as healthcare, schools, and offices.

How can I purchase or lease a machine from your company?

Purchasing or leasing a vending machine from us is simple. You can browse our selection online and request a quote through our website. Our sales team will guide you through the process, helping you choose the right machine for your needs and budget.

Are your machines equipped with modern features like cashless payment and remote monitoring?

Yes, our vending machines are equipped with the latest technology to enhance convenience and efficiency. Many of our machines support cashless payment options such as credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and contactless transactions. Additionally, our machines can be equipped with remote monitoring systems, allowing you to track inventory levels, sales data, and machine performance in real-time.

What kind of maintenance and support do you provide for your  machines?

We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure that your machines operate smoothly at all times. Our team of technicians is available to perform regular maintenance, repairs, and software updates as needed. Additionally, our customer support team is always available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.