A little about us

Our story

It all started with a simple idea between friends, John Elvis and Erik. They noticed that Austin's bars, restaurants, and carnivals were in dire need of a vending machine makeover. So, they rolled up their sleeves and founded Silver Bandits, determined to bring a fresh twist to the scene.

The Beginning
Our Heartbeat

John Elvis and Erik spotted a gap in Austin's vibrant scene: the vending experiences at bars, restaurants, and carnivals were lacking. With determination, they launched Silver Bandits to revolutionize these spaces.

They didn't just choose any machines; they opted for ones that could transform ordinary moments into delights. From nostalgic arcade games to unique snack machines, their goal was to make every encounter memorable.

Community Spirit
The Road Ahead

Silver Bandits quickly became more than a business; it evolved into a community cornerstone. John and Erik were building more than a network of machines; they were creating gathering places for joy and camaraderie.

Looking forward, the future for Silver Bandits shines with potential. John and Erik continue to seek innovative ways to unite people, enriching Austin's social landscape one venue at a time.

The silver bandit leadership

Johnny E.

John Elvis is the co-owner of Silver Bandits in Austin. He and his team make sure bars, restaurants, and carnivals get the best vending machines for their fun snacks and drinks.

Erik K

Erik lights up Austin's snacking scene as the co-founder of Silver Bandits, delivering excitement and convenience right to the doorstep of bars, restaurants, and carnivals with the coolest vending machines around.

What our customers say

Silver Bandits’ machines are top-notch and offered at unbeatable prices. Their customer service is outstanding, with the team going above and beyond to resolve any questions or issues quickly. I’m definitely planning to buy more machines from them moving forward.

Jordan K.

Knowing I can call Silver Bandits for support with my machine gives me peace of mind. The vibrant decals on my machine are a real crowd-pleaser too. For my next vending machine purchase, I'll certainly be turning to Silver Bandits again.

Melissa H.

Silver Bandits' vending machines consistently impress with their excellent condition, making them a top recommendation for anyone looking to start or enhance their vending business. Their pricing is unbeatable, offering the best value for such high-quality equipment.

Casey F.

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